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When you come home from work exhaustedly, a relaxing and hot shower can take all of your tiredness and anxiety away. A well-appointed bathroom is thus a must in your home and HARA is a brand you cannot miss. Since the inception, we have accumulated 20+ years of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing versatile and accurate shower fittings, like shower systems, bathroom faucets, shower mixers and more. Through a deep understanding about the market trend and never ceasing to innovate, we have become a reliable supplier of bathroom fixtures and accessories in China and also gained a market share overseas. Read More

    1. HL6965B
      Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve

      Product name: Exposed thermostatic shower valve, three-function
      Series: Ares series
      Valve cartridge: Italy-imported coaxial thermostatic type
      Material: Refined brass, low-lead, environmental type

    1. HL6906
      Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve

      Product name: Concealed thermostatic shower valve, double-function
      Series: Thermostatic series
      Valve cartridge: Coaxial thermostatic type
      Material: H59 refined brass, environmental type

    1. FL7090
      Exposed Basin Mixer

      Product Name: Exposed Basin Mixer (exposed installation, single handle,single function)
      Series Name: Crown
      Valve Cartridge: 200°Φ35 ceramic cartridge
      Material: high quality brass

    1. HL6972
      Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer

      Product: Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer (intelligently remember temperature; wide surface; waterfall flow)
      Series: Monroe
      Valve: 200°φ40 ceramic cartridge
      Material: Environmentally Friendly H59 Refined Copper

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